Flower Essences for Mothers and Caregivers

As part of Divina Botanica’s Mother//Nature exploration I wanted to share with you some information on how Divina Botanica’s flower essences can support the wellbeing of caregivers.

The cost of caregiving

Looking after others can be depleting. There is a societal expectation that’s placed on caregivers to give unconditionally, and for the most part, that is what we want to do. We want to be able to give support, nurturing and care to all those who need it. However, this comes at a cost. Common experiences of caregivers are:

-Compassion fatigue

-adrenal burnout

-Feeling burdened

-Difficulty asking for help

-Feeling isolated

-Putting others before yourself

-Staying small

-Grieving a loss of parts of yourself

– Frayed nerves, and feeling “on edge”

– Exhaustion

Giving from the well of life

Flower essences can be hugely supportive for our emotional health, resourcing us, so we are able to give from an overflowing cup. Having an self care practice that tends to our energy bodies encourages us to become more aware of energy depletion and self sacrificing habits. Flower essences can support us in the development of healthy boundaries that allow us to navigate the world from a place of balance – give and take, rest and action, yes and no.

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine. They act on the nervous system, and our energy bodies (those same energy systems explored in the Vedic chakra system, or Traditional Chinese Medicine system of meridians) , bringing us into alignment with the vibration of the flower contained within. Flower essences are particularly useful for breaking cyclical patterns, often patterns found in childhood, and this is particularly relevant to caregivers as many of us have been conditioned to give care to others at the cost of ourselves from a very young age. Flower essences are taken orally, under the tongue. The dosage is intuitive, so as and when you feel you need them, but twice a day is the baseline. In the realm of vibrational medicine we are dealing with our life force energy, our truest essence, which can become distorted and dammed by the pressures of modern life. Flower essences free us up to be our most authentic selves .

root flower essences – for
those overwhelmed by demands

This is a helpful essence for people who feel they “should” be doing all the time, those who feel stressed and overwhelmed by the demands currently being placed on them, and need nurturing, grounding, and a sense of being held.

Walnut is the star of this blend, making the recipient feel held and protected from the demands of life.

Star of Bethlehem is an essence that excels at bringing you back out of states of overwhelm, and makes the body feel like a safe place to be.

Wild Garlic taps you in to a sense of universal support. There to remind you that you are loved and held by an ever giving universe.

Dandelion is an excellent ally, and is present in all three blends. Like a guardian, dandelion helps you to tap into a sense of grounding, anchoring you in yourself, offering strength in times of need.

Cowslip is a gentle essence, that nurtures your inner child, the one that holds all the wounds. Imagine your younger self finding this flower, the awe, wonder, innocence. It reminds you that in the arms of mother earth, you are safe.

grow flower essence – for those that need to speak their peace

This essence is supportive for those who are used to saying yes, when they should really be saying no. For disentangling our sense of self from our “doing”. When we over identify with our position in the world, that sense of self can become crystallized, and we can be left with a sense that “the world will fall apart!” if we aren’t the ones to perform that role. This creates a double bind to the freedom we seek. We are not our roles, we are dynamic, expansive human beings . The Grow flower essences is great for developing boundaries, feeling safe enough to be seen, growing in confidence, and learning how to say no.

We often know what we need to do, but don’t feel able to make those changes. Here is the resource to support that process.

Dandelion is an excellent ally, and is present in all three blends. Like a guardian, dandelion helps you to tap into a sense of grounding, anchoring you in yourself, offering strength in times of need.

Blackberry flower essence energises our growth. If there is something that you want to do, but havent had the confidence to do it, Blackberry is your ally. For caregivers who want to shift out of their role, take the leap of faith, or do things differently.

Bluebell, one of the heralds of spring, imbibes us with that rising up energy. Brilliant for caregivers who want to be seen for what they do, acknowledged and appreciated. Helpful for people who are navigating difficult conversations, or those who feel self conscious.

Hornbeam – another energising essence, for those that need a pick me up. As part of this essence blend, hornbeam can support you to do things, your way. One for the overgivers.

Potentilla – for people who are often hard on themselves, or feel things must be “perfect”. Potentilla reminds us that we are trying our best, and our best absolutely is good enough for the world. This flower graces us with self acceptance and appreciation.

Nan’s Polyanthus gives us the permission to make waves. Maybe you’ve been doing things for other people for a long time. Maybe it feels like its time for a change. Nan’s Polyanthus helps us to do the things we’ve been putting off doing, and feel energised and supported in doing so.

Olive is for perseverance. For growing through adversity that may have made you feel exhausted or depleted. Olive helps us to regain strength, and continue.

shine flower essence – for those that need to know how amazing they are.

Caregivers share so much of their light with others, and even dim themselves so that others can shine. Over time, this becomes a habit pattern, and people can lose their sense of self and their purpose. The Shine flower essence can serve as a reminder that our inner light is a unique and beautiful source of energy, that can uplift and fulfill us.

Buttercup encourages us to shine our light, effortlessly. For those whose have forgotten their grace and beauty, Buttercup is here to let them know that the world wants to see them shining.

Twayblade is an excellent accompaniment to Buttercup. This essence is about removing any internal narrative that tells you that its not ok to shine.

Wisteria is an essence that encourages us to reveal our innermost feeling state . For those that feel they have a song to sing but are too shy to sing it. Wisteria offers us some va va voom, soul singer style. Through feeling safe, we are able to create an intimacy with our feeling states, and from there, we are able to create an intimacy with the world.

Clematis would be of great assistance to those who may have creative ideas and visions but some difficulty bringing them into the manifest world. Clematis helps you to ground your ideas into reality.

,Evening Primrose supports us to feel a calm, clear, inner self confidence. Great for those that have to wear many hats, or be many things to many people. Evening primrose sits quietly in the storm, knowing who they are, and feeling utterly at peace with it. For those that need to find the confidence to shine their light in dark places, so that they can truly be seen.

Dandelion , the Leo Lightbearer. An exquisite energy of truth, grounding and sunshine. A dandelion in bloom is a potent image, its tap root deep in the earth, highly nutritious, rich green leaves, and bright yellow blossom is the epitome of someone who deeply knows who they are, and are not afraid of sharing their medicine in the world.

Gaia gift sets

I have put together floral gift sets, containing flowers, a card, and a flower essence so that you can send a gift of love and strength to your loved ones.

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